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Nareeta Martin

Nareeta Martin

Timaru, Canterbury


Thank you for visiting my artist website. I hope you will find something here that you can enjoy, or perhaps something that will challenge or even annoy you.
Over the years my creative efforts have taken many forms and there have been periods when Life happened and creativity had to stand in the corner and behave, to be dusted off and let loose when the time was right again.
With Time always the enemy my efforts these days have been narrowed down mainly to photography, much of it fairly tradtional with editing and tweaking on the computer.
But there is no avoiding the digital world, and for one who is technologically challenged this is a learning curve without end.
But with the digital world at our fingertips (literally!), photography,along with drawing and painting,, can be a starting point for the creation of brave new worlds and presents an ongoing challenge to climb that digital mountain . And this is where I find myself now.


Scenic Gems of Inland New Zealand.

Architecture of New Zealand

Coastal Gems of New Zealand

Altered Images

Lucy My Model and Muse

Steam Punk Capital of New Zealand - Oamaru

Rustic Abstracts and Backgrounds


When Floral Becomes Abstract

Greeting Cards


Floral and Foliage

abstract and almost abstract

Beautiful Bromeliads and Fabulous Ferns

Skies Clouds Sunsets

Paintings Drawings and Creations

Polarised Images

Abstracts in Motion

A Bit on the Dark Side

Backgrounds and Textures

Quirky and Experimental

High Key Images

Black and White with Sepia

Angels Churches Old Cemeteries

After the Christchurch Quakes


Private Gallery

Private Gallery 2